DIY kit light-boxes plastic case for all size

We all live in the age of advertising. it is not good neither bad but it requires us to conform the time we are living in. Thus we can experience the development of the advertising industry every day of our life. From day to day we notice new advertisings, signs, advertising light-boxes and many other things attracting out attention to this or that product or service. But almost nobody ever think about where all this light-boxes and other advertising material appears from. Here we can share you a secret. Our Form Factor company is one of those involved in the area of profil and aluminium structure manufacturing for the advertising materials and means. The stuff of our company is also highly experienced in the production of plastic structure and other materials for the same advertising industry. We produce firm and quite safe light-boxes that will endure any kind of environmental attack that are especially severe in the big cities. Therefore in case you want your advertising to have the prolonged effect over the people minds do not hesitate to contact our company for the appropriate solutions. Our managers will be glad to assist you in choosing proper solution for your needs. Form Factor is looking forward to meet you soon!