DIY kit light-boxes plastic case for all size

BigPlakat offers cost-effective options for the construction of outdoor advertising structures, urban indicators and means of indicating in the city limits.
Man to meet dress-code, a city of facades and signs. Beautiful and modern signs, advertising design, signs - they all indicate the status of the city and quality of city administration, no matter big or small municipality. Construction of the necessary design simply and quickly, all that it requires - a collection of profiles"Form-Factor".
Universal set-designer of metal-plastic profiles "Form-Factor" for manufacture of outdoor advertising - industrial production adjusted for designing advertising structures. Profile painted in the mass at the depth of plastic, which excludes the possibility of chips or cracks. But the main advantage of profiles - cost, cost-effective use of materials and production profiles allow supply at a price below aluminum counterparts.

Of the modern and inexpensive profiles Form Factor could make a lot of the necessary signage for each city.
Advertising Light boxes, panel-mounting brackets for placing information on the pillars and facades, and construction city-board . Wall light boxes and street furniture and many other models can decorate any city. The company offers a wide selection of ready drawing designs , creation of which always have everything you need in a warehouse company.
The entire range can be seen on the site or your company, you'd like to get to send sms-request number + 7-911-902-44-77 indicating postal address.

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